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Technology Consulting & Advisory Services

The value I can add to your organisation is my experience in building products and teams. I can work with you to provide actionable solutions to the challenges faced by your organisation in product development, platform development, adopting practices, and scaling technology teams.

I have mostly worked with startups and growth-stage companies. While I can work with companies at any scale, I am more effective in understanding and helping startups scale their product and engineering. I have the relevant experience to claim that I know how and when things fail in startups and that I have some knowledge of what works in startups.

I have expertise in:

  • Leadership - technology strategy, technical debt prioritisation, compliance, goal setting (OKRs), mentorship, vendor management, career development
  • Skills - agile, DevOps, SRE, CI/CD, scalability, web development, microservices, cloud engineering, cloud cost optimisation, platform engineering, cloud-native development
  • Technologies - I have experience with modern development stacks with the most experience with Python, Javascript and cloud-native technologies. I am agnostic to tech stacks and can pick up things quickly if need be.

I can help you:

  • Discover bottlenecks and most pressing challenges in software delivery
  • Architect your technology and organisation for innovation
  • Build and execute a technology strategy aligned with your business goals
  • Scale your technology organisation by setting up practices, processes and structures
  • Take your MVP off the ground
  • Coach your teams to adopt engineering practices (such as DevOps, SRE, etc.) and become a high-performing team
  • Adopt microservices the right way or help deal with microservices hell
  • Develop and execute an agile testing strategy
  • Architect for compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Build a strategy for open-source community engagement and contributions

I can work as a...

  • Consulting/Fractional CTO - to support one or more teams and the company leadership over a period of time. This works well if you don't have the resources or time to hire a full time CTO right away.
  • Technical Architect - to focus on a specific technical problem (some examples are product architecture, information security problems, cloud cost, microservices, etc.). This works well if you have a team but need someone experienced to work with them to solve tough technology business problems.
  • DevOps Coach - a special type of engagement to coach engineering teams and leadership on architecture, engineering practices and culture. This works well to help a team struggling with moving fast and shipping high quality products.
  • Technical Advisor - to support the leadership with strategy over a longer term. This is a low touch engagement and works well for companies that need domain or technical expertise for direction and strategy.

The kind of work I don’t engage in:

  • Hands-on software development - I am a developer with fluency in multiple technology stacks. I can write software actively but I can add a lot more value to your organisation in other capacities. I can help your teams build things from time to time by helping them architect and write code if necessary, but I would not like to be a full-time developer building software for you.
  • Staffing - I am not a contractor who can provide engineers on demand. That’s not something I do or intend to do. However, if we are working together, I can try my best to make introductions with people in my network who do that kind of work.

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