gtm-tools - A CLI tool that simplifies working with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

gtm-tools is a CLI tool that simplifies working with Google Tag Manager (GTM). If you work with a GTM account and need its entities into a development account for testing GTM settings and find it difficult to keep the two accounts in sync, you will find gtm-tools handy.

legend - declarative Grafana dashboards for your services with best practices

Legend builds and publishes Grafana dashboards for your services with prefilled metrics and alerts for your services. Say you got an EC2 to monitor, an S3 to monitor, a Kubernetes cronjob to monitor (or one of many other things); legend has got your back. It will do all the menial

redux-cookies-middleware - syncs Redux store state with cookies

redux-cookies-middleware is a Redux middleware which watches for changes in Redux state & stores them in browser cookie.


Builds Table of Contents for a markdown file.

sherlock - easy distributed locks for Python with a choice of backendsSherlock

When you are working with resources which are accessed by multiple services or distributed services, more than often you need some kind of locking mechanism to make it possible to access some resources at a time. Distributed Locks or Mutexes can help you with this. Sherlock provides the exact same

commentjson - JavaScript and Python style comments in JSON

commentjson (Comment JSON) is a Python package that helps you create JSON files with Python and JavaScript style inline comments. Its API is very similar to the Python standard library's json module.